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Part: 6 “Houston, We've Got a Problem” > Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Comple... - Pg. 326

Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Complete Archive 326 DSL Short for digital subscriber line, DSL uses standard phone lines to achieve data transfer rates of up to 1.5Mbps (9Mbps if you're within two miles of an ADSL connection center). Phone com- panies hope that advances in DSL technology and availability will help them compete with cable companies for Internet access and entertainment. DVD (digital versatile disc or digital video disc) Discs that can store more than seven times as much data as a CD making them useful for storing full-length movies and complete, multimedia encyclopedias. DVD drives are designed to handle the discs of the future but also can play discs of the past (CDs). e-mail Short for electronic mail, e-mail is a system that enables people to send and receive messages from computer to computer. E-mail is available on networks, online information services, and the Internet. EDO (Extended Data Output) A type of DRAM (Dynamic RAM) memory that is faster than your average DRAM but not as fast as SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM). EIDE (Enhanced Intelligent Drive Electronics) A type of hard drive that is typically fast and relatively inexpensive. EIDE drives have been popular for years but are being phased out by faster (ATA) drives. See Also ATA drive. executable file A program file that can run the program. Executable files end in .BAT, .COM, or .EXE. expansion slot An opening on the motherboard (inside the system unit) that enables you to add devices to the