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Part: 6 “Houston, We've Got a Problem” > Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Comple... - Pg. 325

Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Complete Archive 325 cursor A horizontal line that appears below characters. A cursor acts like the tip of your pencil; anything you type appears at the cursor. See Also insertion point. data The facts and figures you enter into the computer that are stored and used by the computer. database A type of computer program used for storing, organizing, and retrieving information. Popular database programs include Access, Approach, and Paradox. density A measure of the amount of data that can be stored per square inch of storage area on a disk. desktop publishing (DTP) A program that enables you to combine text and graphics on the same page and manipulate the text and graphics onscreen. Desktop publishing programs are commonly used to create newsletters, brochures, flyers, resumés, and business cards. dialog box An onscreen box that enables you to enter your preferences or supply additional information. You use the dialog box to carry on a "conversation" with the program. directory A division of a disk or CD, which contains a group of related files. Think of your disk as a filing cabinet and think of each directory as a drawer in the cabinet. Directories are more commonly called folders. disc A round, flat, optical storage medium. CDs and DVDs are both referred to as discs (with a "c")