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Working with Images > Sizing Up an Image - Pg. 39

The Basics: Text and Images 39 Sizing Up an Image You may instantly notice that upon placing an image, the image size is far bigger than the actual Web page. This enlarged size is a common occurrence with pictures that come from digital cameras and scanners. Windows XP has some rudimentary tools to get image files down to size, although if you do a lot of picture taking, you might want to invest in an application like Photoshop or download the free GIMP for Windows. Resizing an Image If you forgot to resize your images before placing them, never fear, you can handle it within Front- Page. But it is a two-stage process: resizing and resampling. The first stage of the process is done, but to make your Web page easier to download, you should resample the image. Resampling an Image When you resize an image in FrontPage, all you are doing is telling the browser to display the image in a smaller window. You are not changing the file size of the image at all.