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Part III. Advanced Authoring > Chapter 16 . Customize Office FrontPage 2003 - Pg. 206

206 Chapter 16 . Customize Office FrontPage 2003 When you work on projects around the home, typically you will carry a toolbox around to help ac- complish the tasks. There may be tools in that box that you might never use, especially if you bought the toolbox with tools included. The factory tossed together a package that they thought would contained the most useful set of tools for the broadest set of customers. But there are always ex- ceptions. In those instances, you can change the tools that are contained in the toolbox. You can toss out the ones you don't need and purchase new tools that you will use. The same principle holds true for Office FrontPage 2003--you have been given a toolbox containing a good set of tools, but your particular needs may dictate that you change the tools given to you. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · Customize the toolbar · Customize menus · Customize and build new themes