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Part III. Advanced Authoring > Chapter 14 . Create and Use Forms - Pg. 181

181 Chapter 14 . Create and Use Forms One of the most ubiquitous elements on a Web page is the form. Whether it uses checkboxes, drop- down lists, or simple textbox fields, a form is the easiest way for your site's visitors to get information from them to you. As complicated as it may seem, building forms is actually a pretty simple process. The most difficult part, if you can call it that, is determining where the data your form gathers is going to be collected. Office FrontPage 2003 has some good tools to manage this for you. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · · · · Build a basic form Add various fields to a form, such as textbox fields, drop-down lists, check boxes, and the like Handle the data that comes from form responses Create an on-site database that will automatically gather form data