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Part III. Advanced Authoring > Chapter 12 . Work with Dynamic Web - Pg. 155

155 Chapter 12 . Work with Dynamic Web Even though Office FrontPage 2003 makes it easy for even beginners to edit Web pages, you might not want these content providers to have access to everything in the Web site, on the very real chance that they might inadvertently change something they shouldn't. This is where Dynamic Web Templates are useful. These special templates are for you, the designer, to pick and choose what parts of the Web pages in the site can be edited by non-administrators. This means that all of your design code will stay safely protected. Dynamic Web Templates will, transfer design elements from one page to another with relative ease. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · · · · · Make a Dynamic Web Template Build editable regions in a Dynamic Web Template Attach a Dynamic Web Template to an existing site Modify a Dynamic Web Template Remove a Dynamic Web Template Creating a Dynamic Web Template The best time to create a Dynamic Web Template is after you have created most of the pages for your site and have determined how these pages are going to look.