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Part II. Intermediate Authoring > Chapter 8 . Use Shared Borders - Pg. 96

96 Chapter 8 . Use Shared Borders There is a lot of information on a given Web site that is repeated on many different pages. Things like navigation bars, banners, copyright information ... the list goes on. You could type all of that information in separately, or try to make a template with all of the repeated elements--but what happens when you have to change some aspect of a repeated element? Even with a template, you'll still have to go back to each separate page and change the information one page at a time. Unless you use shared borders. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · Create shared borders · Create and edit shared border content · Make a navigation toolbar--a very specialized shared border Preparing the Shared Border Tool Before you begin to use Shared Borders in FrontPage, you may have to activate the tool. You