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Part II. Intermediate Authoring > Chapter 10 . Create Lists - Pg. 119

119 Chapter 10 . Create Lists Lists are a very common way of ordering ideas and plans in many societies. Since we tend to think of time as linear, discrete moments, then a list of things to do in a certain order is a natural way of organizing our thoughts. Lists show up in everyday prose all of the time, and they are also highly prevalent on the Web, since people usually try to organize their information in the most efficient ways possible. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · · · · · · Make a bulleted, unordered list Customize a bulleted list Create a numbered, ordered list Customize a numbered list Make a collapsible list Working with other lists Making a Bulleted List Bulleted lists are known in the Web vernacular as unordered lists. Grammatically, you use unordered lists when the order of the items in the list does not matter. Building a Bulleted List Making a bulleted list is not very difficult, and there are two ways of going about it: making the list from scratch, or converting existing text to a list. Making a Bulleted List from Scratch This section will demonstrate how to build a list item by item.