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Part I. Beginning Authoring > Chapter 5 . Create Web Pages Automatically - Pg. 59

59 Chapter 5 . Create Web Pages Automatically As you have seen in previous chapters, FrontPage is a pretty easy tool to use for putting together Web sites. After all, you've worked with text and images, and that's the most you'll need on a Web site, right? Maybe so, but there are a lot of cool features on Web sites out there that could just as easily be used on your site. At this point, you might be muttering, "Yes, but I'm not a Web developer." Perhaps not, but FrontPage includes a lot of prepackaged solutions that will let you set up rather sophisticated Web sites with just a few clicks of a mouse. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · · · · Make a new site from a template Build a Web page from a template Use Web Package Solutions to implement popular Web-site utilities Import other Web sites to use as a template for your own Creating a New Web from a Template You have seen how simple it is to start creating pages with FrontPage. Now you can see how easy it is to get a head start with some stunning templates that will build an entire Web site!