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viii Introduction This Fast & Easy series guide from Premier should be an excellent introduction to one of the most popular HTML editors in existence today: Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Part of the new Office 2003 suite, Office FrontPage 2003 enhances the what-you-see-is-what-you- get toolset of FrontPage to a whole new level. It manages to do what no other version of FrontPage has done before--deliver HTML code exactly how you want it. Not to disparage the other versions of FrontPage. They had their good points, but often they included so much extraneous code that Web site managers would grumble at the extra size of the files. Technological improvements in browsers, the HTML code, and the FrontPage application itself make this problem a thing of the past. Now FrontPage will produce very streamlined and efficient code. FrontPage is an excellent HTML editor for beginners, but its tight integration with the rest of Office 2003 and development tools, such as Visual Studio, make it an HTML development platform that will grow to meet the needs of even the most advanced user. This scalability will make FrontPage your favorite HTML editor.