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Creating Internal Links > Linking to Existing Pages - Pg. 44

44 Chapter 4 . The Basics: Hyperlinks The Web is not just about displaying information. It's about linking that information to other infor- mation through an ingenious tool known as the hyperlink . A hyperlink is a pointer to another file or application that's on a computer somewhere. It could be a file on your computer, or a file on a computer in Nepal--it doesn't matter. After a user clicks on the hyperlink, his browser will do all the work in finding that file wherever it might be. FrontPage has the tools to make hyperlink creation easy. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · · · · · · Create hyperlinks to pages on your site Create bookmarks within Web pages and hyperlinks to those bookmarks Link your page to existing Web sites Build links to e-mail addresses Make links to other Internet servers Edit and format hyperlinks