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Chapter 7 . Work with Frames > Building the Frames Page - Pg. 86

86 Chapter 7 . Work with Frames Those of you who were using the Web back in the mid-1990s might remember what was euphe- mistically called "the Browser Wars." No guns or tanks in this war--just two companies, Netscape and Microsoft, that were each trying to dominate on this new medium called the World Wide Web . Early in this war, Netscape tossed out a new and very interesting addition to HTML coding: frames. Frames enabled pages to be split into multiple, independent parts. Each section of the page could contain content separate from the other sections, which opened up a whole new realm of design possibilities. There are many long-forgotten aspects of HTML code that were casualties of that browser war, but luckily frames were not one of those lost. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · · · · Create some basic frames, complete with content Link within and without frames Change a frame border Add to and delete frames from your page