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Chapter 2 . Build Your First Web Page > Creating Your Personal Site - Pg. 14

14 Chapter 2 . Build Your First Web Page You have learned your way around the FrontPage interface and several of the tools used by the application to build Web pages. Now it's time to actually start putting that knowledge to work. FrontPage uses a centralized focus when constructing Web sites, or Sites as they're known in FrontPage vernacular. This means that the application will build the main page of your site and then assist you in building the other pages on your site that link to and from that main page, known as the home page. This falls in line with how most sites are created: information linked to a central page, which acts as the front door of your site for visitors who arrive from the Internet. In this chapter, you'll learn how to: · Build a Site quickly using FrontPage shortcuts · Open, save, and close Sites and individual Web pages · Work with preset themes and styles to build stunning and consistent Sites