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Chapter 18 . Publish the Web Site > Choosing a Web Site Host - Pg. 239

Publish the Web Site 239 Choosing a Web Site Host Getting your site on a Web server could be really simple or a bit tricky. If you are in an established company, odds are your information technology department already has a Web server set up and ready to go. You can contact them and see what they require to get your site up and running. Most of us don't have a Web server sitting at our homes, so we have to go through an ISP (or Web Presence Provider [WPP], as Microsoft likes to call them) to have them host the site for us. Picking one is more than a matter of cost, although that is a big issue. You have to examine what kinds of Web sites the ISP will host. If you decide to create a site that uses FrontPage extensions or Share- Point services later (something that FrontPage can do, but is a bit beyond the scope of this book), you need to make sure an ISP can support those services. Luckily, you don't have to skim the Yellow Pages looking for such an organization. FrontPage has a link to a handy search site that will help you locate an ISP that's right for you.