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Lesson 8. Sailing publication > Before you begin

Before you begin

Before beginning to assemble the publication for this lesson, you will use the Preferences dialog box to establish application defaults, and then you will open the final version of the publication you will create.

  1. Before starting PageMaker, return all settings to their defaults by deleting the PageMaker 6.5 preferences file. See "Restoring default settings" in Lesson 1.

  2. Make sure that AGaramond, Corvinus Skyline, and the Myriad Multiple Master fonts are installed on your system.

    Windows only: Because of the way Windows handles fonts, AGaramond Semibold appears in the ATM Fonts list as AGaramond, Bold (notice the comma), while AGaramond Bold appears as AGaramond Bold. However, neither AGaramond Semibold nor AGaramond, Bold appear in font menus in Windows applications. You must apply bold to AGaramond to use AGaramond Semibold.

  3. Start Adobe PageMaker 6.5 and open the 08Chap1.p65, 08Chap2.p65, and 08Chap3.p65 files in the 08Project folder. Turn the pages in each publication to see how the book is designed. Later, you will look at the example files for the table of contents and index.

    Figure .

  4. Close 08Chap1.p65 and 08Chap2.p65. If you are asked if you want to save changes, click No. In 08Chap3.p65, click the Maximize button to make the publication window fill the screen.

  5. Set up the palettes you will need for this project. If the Control and Styles palettes are not visible, choose Window > Show Control Palette and Window > Show Styles. Close any other open palettes.



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