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Review questions

1: How is an inline graphic different from an independent graphic?
A1: An inline graphic is inserted into the flow of text so that it moves whenever the surrounding text moves. An independent graphic is not connected to any other objects on the page (unless you use the Group command).
2: What is a quick way to draw rules behind many lines of text?
A2: Create one or more styles in which a paragraph has a rule as part of its formatting. To format a paragraph with a rule, click in the paragraph, choose Type > Paragraph, and then click Rules. Select the desired settings and click OK for each dialog box. Then apply this style to as many paragraphs as need rules behind them.
3: How do you import a graphic with a shape other than a rectangle?
A3: You must create a clipping path for the graphic in an application like Adobe Photoshop. The clipping path can be any (even irregular) shape. After you place the graphic in PageMaker, the area outside the clipping path does not print.
4: What is the difference between spot and process color?
A4: Spot color uses a separate ink to print each color in the publication. Process color reproduces a wide range of colors by combining varying proportions of four standard inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) on the page.
5: What is the difference between knocking out and overprinting?
A5: With overprinting, a second ink is applied on top of the first ink on the page. With knocking out, the first ink is not applied to the area (called the knockout) where the second ink will appear.



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