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Lesson 4. Jewelcase booklet > Assembling the last spread

Assembling the last spread

The design of the last spread closely follows the design of the previous spread.

Placing the large graphic on page 6

As with page 4, you'll place a full-page version of one of the photographs from the cover onto page 6. Rather than repeat the steps of placing, positioning, and cropping the image, you can copy and paste the image from page 4, and then replace it with the new image. PageMaker will replace the image, using the existing cropping rectangle.

  1. With the pointer tool selected, click the image on page 4 to select it. Choose Edit > Copy.

    You'll now paste it on page 6 using the power paste option, which pastes a copy in the exact same position on the page.

  2. Click the page 6 icon. Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Macintosh), and choose Edit > Paste.

  3. With the pasted image still selected, choose File > Place. Click 04ArtK.tif in the 04Project folder (do not double-click it). Select Replacing Entire Graphic, and make sure Retain Cropping Data is selected, then click Open (Windows) or OK (Macintosh).

    PageMaker replaces the image. In addition to cropping the image using the existing cropping rectangle, PageMaker also scales the image, if necessary, to fit within the bounding box of the original image.

    Figure 4.58.

  4. Choose File > Save.

Finishing the last spread

After placing and positioning a photograph on page 7, you'll move the address and copyright information to the bottom of the page and reformat it.

  1. From the horizontal ruler, drag to create a horizontal ruler guide at approximately 25p6.

  2. Choose File > Place and double-click the 04ArtL.tif file in the 04Project folder.

  3. With the loaded graphic icon displayed, make sure the Art layer is still selected, and click in the lower portion of page 7 to place the photograph. Then drag the photograph until its bottom right corner snaps to the intersection of the 25p6 ruler guide and the right margin guide.

    You'll now zoom in to the area you'll be working on.

  4. Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Macintosh) together with the spacebar, and drag across the top two-thirds of column 1, page 7 (as shown below), enclosing the entire text block and a small portion of the image in column 2.

    Figure 4.59.

    Before you move the address and copyright information to the bottom of the page, you'll first change the text to a smaller point size and reduce the leading.

  5. Select the text tool ( ), position the tool over the sentence that begins "For more information," and triple-click to select the entire paragraph. Hold down Shift, and click the last line (containing the words "All rights reserved.").

    PageMaker extends the selection to the end of the text block.

  6. In the control palette, type 7 for Size ( ) and 9 for Leading ( ), and click the Apply button ( ).

  7. Select the pointer tool, click the text to select it as a text block. Drag the bottom windowshade handle up, just below the last line of the paragraph listing the system requirements.

  8. Click the down arrow in the bottom windowshade handle. The pointer changes to the loaded text icon. Position the icon in the lower portion of column 1, and click. (You'll reposition the text block once it is placed.)

  9. Select the hand tool ( ). Position the tool in the middle of the page and drag the page up to display the bottom half of the page.

  10. Select the pointer tool. Drag the text block to align the baseline of the last line of text with the 25p6 ruler guide.

    You have finished this spread.

  11. Double-click the hand tool to switch to the fit-in-window view.

    Figure 4.60.

  12. Choose File > Save.

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