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Lesson 6. Adventure newsletter > Formatting the Kayaking article

Formatting the Kayaking article

Next, you will apply formatting to the Kayaking with Crocs article, which begins near the bottom of the second column in 06Final.p65.

  1. Zoom in on the middle of the second column, and apply the Head 1 style to the words Kayaking with Crocs.

    Figure .

  2. Select the same words with the text tool sothat you can apply Expert Kerning just asyou did for the headline of the bungee-jumping article.

  3. Choose Type > Expert Kerning. Type .80, for Kern Strength, and choose Display from the Design Class pop-up menu. Click OK.

    Now you will use the Column Break option to move the headline to the top of the third column.

  4. Click anywhere in the Kayaking with Crocs headline, and choose Type > Paragraph. In the Options section, select Column Break Before, and click OK.

    The head promptly moves to the top of the next column because you added the column break option to it.

  5. With the text tool still selected, click an insertion point in the paragraph which begins A short tale, and apply the Head 2 style.

  6. Select the pointer tool. Drag the Kayaking Photo out of the Library palette, position itclose to the top of the third column, and then release the mouse button. Drag the photograph again to fine-tune its position, snapping it to the left column guide of the third column and the top page margin.

    Figure .

    The photo already has a wrap applied to it,so it pushes the text down and out of the way. Since Snap to Guides is on, the picture snaps easily into the column when you move it close to the column guides.

  7. With the pointer tool still selected, drag the bottom windowshade of the Kayaking article down to reveal the entire story.

  8. Save 06Work.p65.



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