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Chapter 7. 35-mm Slide Projector > Delivery Techniques

Delivery Techniques

  1. After you’ve set up the room satisfactorily, do a quick run-through. Go through every slide you’ll be using, and check:

    • Can every word and image on your slides be seen clearly from the back of the room?

    • Is the image in focus?

    • Are the slides in the right order?

    • Does the image fill the screen?

    • If, for some reason, you are forced to use both horizontal and vertical slides, do they both fit on the screen?

    • If your audience needs to take notes, can you leave some lights on and still get a clear image on the screen?

  2. Mark the forward button on the remote control with a piece of tape so that you don’t get confused mid-presentation and turn back to the previous slide.

  3. You may wish to begin with a black slide. This will allow you to have the projector up and running without a slide on the screen when you begin your presentation.

  4. As a general rule, allow at least ten to twenty seconds per slide. It is best to vary your pace. If you have a one-word slide that drives home a point, you may leave it on the screen for just a few seconds. If another slide requires a detailed explanation, it may stay up for four to five minutes. Avoid an even pace; it can be monotonous.

  5. If you’re going to venture away from your slides for a few minutes to discuss another matter, insert a black slide so you don’t have a distracting visual on the screen.



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