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File Formats

Table 2.1 lists the file formats that can be used, saved, exported, or imported by Photoshop.

Table 2.1. Photoshop File Formats
PSD, PDDPhotoshop document format
BMP (RLE DIB)Bitmap format (Windows)
GIFCompuServe Graphical Interchange Format; a web image format supporting transparency; 256 max colors
EPSPhotoshop EPS Encapsulated PostScript format
DCS 1.0 2.0Desktop Color Separations format; a version of EPS; supports CMYK; DCS 2.0 supports spot channels
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group; most common graphic format for the web and even for print despite its lossy compression; supports RGB, CMYK
PSBLarge Photoshop document format (Photoshop Big); allows files over 2GB
PCXOlder PC image format; opens in Microsoft Paint
PDFPhotoshop Portable Document Format
RawPhotoshop raw format; different than camera raw format; cross-platform binary format supports RGB and CMYK, alpha, and more; cannot contain layers
PICTMac OS graphic format for the screen; supports RGB, index, grayscale, or bitmap modes
PXRPixar format; designed for high-end graphics commonly used in 3D work; suports RGB grayscale and single alpha channel
PNGPortable Networking Graphics format; a quality, patent-free alternative to GIF; well-supported web format; supports RGB, grayscale, bitmap modes, transparency; lossless compression options
PBM, PGM, PPM, PNM, PFMPortable Bitmap formats; family of bitmap screen graphic formats
SCTScitex Continuous Tone high-end color format; sometimes used for magazine ads
TargaDesigned for systems using TrueVision boards; commonly used for video-editing systems
TIFFTagged Image File Format; raster format; supports CMYK, RGB, Lab, indexed color, grayscale, some transparency and Photoshop layers; bit depths of 8, 16, and 32
AIPaths drawn in Photoshop can be exported as empty paths (no stroke or fill information) for use in Illustrator
WBMPImages for mobile devices; 1-bit images contain only black or white pixels
CINKodak Cineon Film System format; RGB 16-bit; channel image support
HDR, RGBE, XYZEHigh Dynamic Range image formats; support higher range of luminance levels; used in high-end photography for more realistic lighting and exposure
SWFShockwave Flash format; still images and animations can be exported from ImageReady



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