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Chapter 5. Working with Images and Color... > Getting Printing Results - Pg. 127

Working with Images and Color in Photoshop 127 Figure 5.24. The five gradient variations all apply the selected gradient; they just apply it in different directions. Getting Printing Results The best guarantee of a good final product is a quality source image. If your color was good coming in, it's more likely to look good for output. So if your subject has an odd green skin tone, your print will probably have the green skin, too. If you are printing on an inkjet printer, realize that despite an inkjet's CMYK color space, it actually prints from RGB images. A great many programs that don't even support CMYK images print just fine to inkjet printers. Regarding commercial printing, the most important piece of advice I can give you is to simply talk with your commercial printer. Just as a racecar driver trusts his mechanic to prepare a multimillion- dollar vehicle, so should you trust your printer to run his or her machinery at maximum efficiency. Communication is the key. Instead of wondering what you can do past calibrating your monitor and choosing the correct color management settings, you might request a proof from your printer. Some