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Keyboard Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts for most of the frequently used features of GoLive and even shortcuts for some not-so-frequently used features. The menus in GoLive display corresponding shortcut keys to the right of the menu option where applicable. If you're familiar with other Adobe products, you'll find most of the keyboard shortcuts are the same for corresponding features. Some keyboard shortcuts are not found anywhere in the menus or in the program, so you have to look those up separately using the Adobe Help Center. Choose GoLive Help from the Help menu and search for the word shortcuts. Table 34.1 lists some of my favorite undocumented shortcuts (feel free to copy this page and stick it up near your computer).

Table 34.1. Keyboard Shortcuts
ResultWindowsMac OS
Keyboard shortcuts not found in menu commands or ToolTips.
Suppress confirmation dialog when deleting items.Option
Close the Web Settings window without saving changes.AltOption
Maintain proportions of objects when resizing.Shift+dragShift-drag
Create a new link with text or objects.Alt+drag-drag
Select a word.Double-clickDouble-click
Select a line of text.Triple-clickTriple-click
Select a paragraph.Quadruple-clickQuadruple-click
New line instead of new paragraph (inserts <BR>).Shift+EnterShift-Return
Nonbreaking space.Shift+SpacebarOption-Spacebar
Move boxes on a layout grid in 1-pixel increments.Ctrl+Alt+ArrowOption-Arrow
Duplicate a selected object.Ctrl+dragOption-drag
Delete a file in the Site window without a confirmation dialog.Ctrl+click the delete iconOption-click the delete icon
Display source code as a ToolTip.Alt+ShiftOption-Shift



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