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Chapter 5. Working with Web Page Graphics > Working with Graphic Hotspots

Working with Graphic Hotspots

A hotspot is defined as an invisible region on a graphic, text block, or other Web area to which you have assigned a hyperlink. A text hotspot is a word or a string of words that you have integrated into a graphic and that you have assigned to a hyperlink. When a site visitor clicks their cursor over that hyperlink, the link's destination is displayed in the Web browser. In FrontPage, hotspots can be shaped as rectangles, circles, or polygons. A graphic containing one or more hotspots is an Image map. Image maps typically provide clues so that you know where to click. The areas of the graphic that doesn't contain hotspots can be assigned a default hyperlink; when the user clicks anywhere outside a hotspot, they are directed to the destination you set as the graphic's default hyperlink.

Add a Hotspot to a Graphic

Click the View menu, click Page, and then open the Web page you want to use.

Select the graphic you want to add a hotspot.

Click a hotspot button (Rectangular, Circular, or Polygonal) on the Pictures toolbar that conforms to the shape you want.

Move the cursor over the picture until it becomes a drawing implement. Drag a hotspot. The shape you designated appears. You can size the hotspot by dragging the sizing handles.

When you complete the hotspot, the Insert Hyperlink dialog box automatically opens.

Enter the URL in which you want to link the hotspot.

Click OK.



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