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Using Interactive Buttons

An interactive button gives you the the ability to link one page to another page in the current Web site, a site on the World Wide Web, or an e-mail address. You don't have to know HTML code to create, modify, and link an interactive button. You can select a button style from a pre-defined list and then add button text, select button and background colors, and specify the font style, size, and color for all states of the button including the original, hover, and pressed states. After you create the button, you can define a hyperlink for a button.

Create an Interactive Button

Click the View menu, click Page, and then open the Web page you want to use.

Position the insertion point where you want to insert an interactive button.

Click the Insert menu‚ and then click Interactive Button.

Click the button type you want.

Type the button title.

Type a hyperlink location or use Browse to locate and select it.

Click the Font tab.

Select the font options you want.

  • Font, Font Style, and Size. Specifies the button text font type, style, and size.

  • Font Color. Specifies the text font color for the original, hovered, and pressed button.

  • Alignment. Specifies the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text.

Click the Image tab.

Specify the image options you want.

  • Width and Height. Controls the width and height of the button.

  • Create Hover Image. Select to change the button when the mouse pointer passes over it.

  • Create Pressed Image. Select to change the button when a visitor clicks it.

  • Preload Button Images. Select to load all the button pictures in memory.

Click the JPEG image option to choose a solid background color, or choose the GIF image option to set a transparent background.

Click OK.

To preview the button, click the Preview button.



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