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Creating a Photo Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good caption helps readers to get all the nuances of a picture immediately. The Photo Gallery allows you to insert full-sized pictures and display them as thumbnails. When a visitor clicks one of these thumbnails, the full-sized picture opens. You can display the pictures in the Photo Gallery in the order and size you want and the layout you select. You can also add captions and descriptions for each picture in the gallery.

Create a Photo Gallery

Click the View menu, click Page, and then open the Web page you want to use or create a new blank page.

Position the insertion point where you want to add a photo gallery.

Click the Insert menu‚ point to Picture, and then click New Photo Gallery.

Click the Layout tab.

Select the layout you prefer for your photo gallery.

Specify the number of pictures you want per row.

Click the Pictures tab.

Did You Know?

You can create a Photo Gallery using a template. Click the New button list arrow, click Page, click the General tab, click Photo Gallery, and then click OK. Double-click the photo gallery layout to modify it.

Click Add, and then click Pictures From Files.

  • To insert pictures from a scanner, click Pictures From Scanner Or Camera.

Click the Look In list arrow, and then select the folder containing the pictures you want to use.

Press and hold Ctrl, select the pictures you want to insert, and then click Open.

To arrange the pictures within your gallery, select the name of the graphic, and then click the Move Up button or the Move Down button.

To set the width and the height of the thumbnail, enter width and height values in the Width and Height boxes.

Click OK.

Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar, type a name, and then click Save.

If the Save Embedded Files dialog box appears, save the graphic files.



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