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Chapter 1. Getting Started with FrontPage > Detecting and Repairing Problems

Detecting and Repairing Problems

To help you keep FrontPage running at its best, Office comes with its own diagnostic and repair tools. If you find that FrontPage is not behaving as you think it should, its core files might have been damaged or inadvertently deleted. Running the Detect and Repair tool restores FrontPage's default settings and finds and fixes problems that might diminish the performance of FrontPage. Before you begin the Detect and Repair procedure, make sure you close all programs that are running. If the Detect and Repair procedure doesn't fix the problem you are encountering, try reinstalling FrontPage. The FrontPage 2003 setup programs can help you reinstall or repair the program. It can also add or remove program features, or uninstall it. If an Office program gets stuck exiting or stops responding during an operation, you can use the Microsoft Office Application Recovery program to exit the program, send an error report to Microsoft, and try to recover your unsaved work.

Detect and Repair Problems

Click the Help menu, and then click Detect And Repair.

To save your shortcuts, select the Restore My Shortcuts While Repairing check box.

To save the settings you have specified for your FrontPage features, clear the Discard My Customized Settings And Restore Default Settings check box.

Click Start to begin the process.

If necessary, insert the Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 CD.

Click OK when the procedure is complete.



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