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Chapter 2. Creating a Web Site > Creating a Web Site in Navigation View - Pg. 56

Creating a Web Site 56 Navigation view provides an easy way to view your pages. Using the plus sign (+) and the minus sign (-) in the icon in the Navigation view allows you to display different levels of pages in your Web site. It also provides the easiest method for re-arranging the order of your pages, or creating new Parent pages. You can reposition a page in your web by dragging a page. Navigation view also includes the Navigation View toolbar, which contains the following buttons: New Page, Add Existing Pages, New Custom Link Bar, Included In Link Bars, View Subtree Only, Portrait/Landscape, and Zoom. You can use these buttons to add pages, create Web site navigation, and change the display in Navigation view. Creating a Web Site in Navigation View If you want to create a Web site from scratch and prefer a visual approach, you can do it in Navigation view. Navigation view allows you to design a Web site in a storyboard approach, where you can see the big picture. You can build a Web site in Navigation view by creating an empty Web site, adding a home page, and then inserting new blank pages. Each new page appears in Navigation view as a child of whatever page you select before inserting it. Create a Web Site in Navigation View 1. Click the New button list arrow on the Standard toolbar, and then click Web Site. 2. Click the Empty Web icon, and then click OK. 3.