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Chapter 10. Adding Functionality to Web Pages > Inserting a Table of Contents

Inserting a Table of Contents

A Table of Contents (TOC) not only lets visitors know what's on your Web site, but tells users where to find it. You can base your Table of Contents on either the categories assigned to your pages or the navigational structure of your Web site. A TOC based on the navigational structure might also include pages containing hyperlinks that are not included in the navigational structure, so a visitor can click any feature listed in the TOC and be transported directly to that location. The TOC can be edited and formatted. FrontPage even offers the option of automatically resetting the TOC whenever an editorial change is made.

Create a Table of Contents

Click the View menu, click Page, and then open the Web page you want to use.

Click where you want to produce a Table of Contents.

Click the Web Component button on the Standard toolbar.

Click Table Of Contents.

Click For This Web Site.

Click Finish.

Enter the relative URL of the page that serves as the TOC starting point (use Browse if necessary).

Select the size of the styled text you want to use in your header.

Select the check boxes you want.

  • Show Each Page Only Once. TOC only lists each page once.

  • Show Pages With No Incoming Hyperlinks. Includes pages not linked to other pages.

  • Recompute Table Of Contents When Any Other Page Is Edited. Updates the TOC when any page is edited.

Click OK.



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