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Inserting Navigation Bars

The larger the Web site, the more important it is that visitors be able to navigate easily through your Web site. One of the most effective tools in that area is the Navigation Bar, a FrontPage component that can be positioned in the shared border area of your Web pages. A Navigation Bar is actually a collection of hyperlinks used to guide visitors through a Web site. The hyperlinks usually lead to primary pages, such as a contact page or the site's home page. Link bars can be placed on every page of your Web site, so visitors can always navigate easily without getting lost in a maze of pages. These bars can also have buttons and text hyperlinks. You can create buttons, much as you can create hit counters, or you can set up your Web's navigation system and have FrontPage automatically generate the link bars for you.

Create a Link Bar

Click the View menu, click Page, and then open the Web page you want to use.

Click where you want to place the link bar.

Click the Insert menu‚ and then click Navigation.

Click Bar With Custom Links.

Click Next.

Select the link bar style you want to use, and then click Next.

Select the orientation for the link bar.

Click Finish.

Enter a name for your new link bar, and then click OK.

Click Add Link.

Browse to locate the page you want to add, select it, and then click OK.

Click OK.

The page appears with + Add Link as a placeholder, which you can click to add a link.



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