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Chapter 10. Using Frames > Using a Frames Template

Using a Frames Template

FrontPage offers a number of different popular frames-template formats from which you can choose, including:

  • Banner and Contents— A good basic template for an information-based Web site.

  • Contents— Same as above, also good for news and information sites, but without a top banner.

  • Footer— Simple design where there's a whole blank page plus a thin footer running across the bottom; good for simple or few-pages-only site designs.

  • Footnotes— Useful on a site presenting papers, book citations, and other documents where a footnote frame is desirable.

  • Header— Like the Footer template, but instead uses one full page with a narrow header running across the top of the page; well suited to simple designs, usually where relatively few images will be employed.

  • Header, Footer and Contents— This option combines both a header and footer plus a main area for the page contents; also suited to simpler designs where only a limited amount of information needs to be offset from the actual contents.

  • Horizontal Split— Choose this to split the page in half, where you want content to display in one half and framed standard information in the other.

  • Nested Hierarchy— A classic template suitable for any purpose with a banner, a left-hand side frame, and a large content window.

  • Top-Down Hierarchy— Another classic suitable for the majority of site types.

  • Vertical Split— Like Horizontal Split, but divided down the page vertically.



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