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Chapter 28. Using Code Snippets > Using Code Snippets to Speed Up Design

Using Code Snippets to Speed Up Design

The simple ability to quickly add code content to your site with the click of a button is obvious, but the following tips will help you make the most of the code snippets interface.

  • Keyword, keyword, keywords. Now that you have optimized your coding process through the use of Code Snippets, don't waste time scrolling through your snippets to choose. A few letters of your keyword will quickly jump to the snippet of your choice and cut another half second off the process.

  • Let FrontPage do the hard work. Code Snippets can expedite the development process if you have elements in your site that are entered over and over again. Use the Code Snippet tool to take the repetition out of your work.

  • Put some thought into your keyword scheme. After just a little use of the Code Snippets tool, you will find that your snippets library is considerable in size. If you don't plan ahead of time and design a manageable keyword scheme, you will find yourself scrolling through your choices and taking considerable time to do so.

  • Don't limit your library. If you use a batch of code more than just a few times, consider adding them to your library. A common link or menu item takes as much time to enter as does anything else. You aren't limited to the amount of items you can keep in your library, so don't limit yourself.

  • Think before you code. Taking a short time to build a code snippet library before you start your project will speed up the design process considerably. Often once involved in the design process, a coder will seldom take the short time needed to add a snippet to the snippet library. Take the time needed before the project begins to create a good snippet library.



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