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Troubleshooting Table of Contents

Troubleshooting Table of Contents

Part I: FrontPage 2003: An Overview

Chapter 1: What's New in FrontPage 2003

Chapter 2: FrontPage 2003—A Complete Tour

Part II: Creating and Editing Web Content

Chapter 3: FrontPage's Views

Navigation View Shows Nothing

Reports View Shows Nothing

Want to Print Hyperlinks View

Chapter 4: Developing the Basic Page: Page Properties, Text, Lists, and Hyperlinks

My Choices Aren't Showing Up

Included Content Page Properties Don't Work

My Edits Aren't There

Where Did the Fonts Go?

Chapter 5: The Improved Find and Replace

Unable to Select Find in Source Code Radio Button

Text Not Found When Searching HTML Using HTML Rule

Chapter 6: Enhancing Pages with Graphics and Multimedia

Video File Doesn't Stream

Video File Doesn't Play

Chapter 7: Using Themes

My Themes Got Killed

Different Hyperlink Colors

Chapter 8: FrontPage's Navigation Tools and Elements

Back and Forth Buttons Out of Order

Odd Link Bars

Link Bar Options Don't Meet My Needs

Link Bars Without Navigation View

Link Bars from FrontPage Interactive Buttons

Chapter 9: Using Web Components, Shared Borders, and Link Bars

It Doesn't Work

Top 10 List Shows Nothing

Where's That Page?

Shared Border Chaos

Chapter 10: Using Tables

Tables Don't Print

Cell Content Is Bigger Than Defined

Text Touching Borders

Layout Cell Effects

Shadow Effects Went Bad

Chapter 11: Enhancing Web Sites with Frames

Links within My Frames Are All Tweaked

Inline Frames Don't Work for Me

My Frames Don't Look Right Online

Chapter 12: FrontPage's Accessibility Features

Reports Without Warnings

Accessible Sites Are Boring

Part III: Creating Web Sites with FrontPage

Chapter 13: Creating a Web Site

FrontPage Metadata Folders not Visible

How to Tell if You Have a Web Server Installed

Server Extensions Don't Appear to Be Installed

Web Folders Aren't Working

I Don't See My Web Folder

Chapter 14: FrontPage's Web Templates, Wizards, and Packages

The Template Doesn't “Work”

Can't Import a Web Package

Web Package Doesn't Install

Don't Like Microsoft Templates

Chapter 15: Opening and Working with Existing Web Sites

Can't Open Site

FrontPage Server Extensions and FTP

Chapter 16: Publishing a FrontPage Web Site

WebDAV Tries to Use Server Extensions

FTP Publish Isn't Working

HTML Optimization Doesn't Change Anything

Changed Files Aren't Published

Unable to View Publish Log

Published Changes Aren't Visible

Chapter 17: Security and Administration of a Web Site

Not Authorized to Manage Users

Unable to Send Invitations

Server and Site Settings Are Grayed Out

Part IV: Advanced Page Design Concepts

Chapter 18: Using Forms

Form Properties Are Disabled

Form Returns Runtime Component Page

Send to Database Not Available

Form Results Don't Appear in Database

Chapter 19: Using Style Sheets to Format Web Pages

Style Sheets Tab Is Missing

Style Toolbar Isn't Visible

Style Button Is Missing

Position Menu Is Not Enabled

Part V: Scripting, Dynamic HTML, and Dynamic Content

Chapter 20: Dynamic Web Templates

Developers Cannot Change the Title of Pages

Cannot Modify an Editable Region Because It's Locked

Chapter 21: Making Your Pages and Sites More Dynamic

Collapsible Outline Problems

Transitions Don't Work

DHTML on List Items

Mouse Over DHTML Effects on Part of a Paragraph

Hit Counters Don't Work

Hyperlinks in Marquees

Chapter 22: Using Interactive Buttons

Button Shows Broken Graphic Icon

Chapter 23: Using Behaviors

Open Browser Window Pops Up Behind Existing Window

Chapter 24: Client-side Scripting

Divs Don't Change on Rollover

Images Don't Swap Instantly

Chapter 25: Using Layers

Layers Task Pane Is Disabled

Behaviors Don't Work

Part VI: Working with Code

Chapter 26: Working in Code View and Split View

Formatting Changes Don't Take Effect

Lines Breaking Too Soon

Chapter 27: Editing Code with Quick Tag Tools

Quick Tag Selectors Don't Appear

Chapter 28: Using Code Snippets

Where Did My Snippets Go?

Chapter 29: Optimizing FrontPage's HTML

Make the FrontPage Specific HTML Go Away

Using FrontPage with Site Build It

The Report Is Wrong

Chapter 30: Working with VBA and FrontPage

UserForm Seems Hung

Browse-time Comments Still Exist

New Settings Don't Take

Part VII: Web Collaboration

Chapter 31: Managing Team Development Projects

Can't Set Security Settings with FrontPage 2003

Chapter 32: Collaboration with FrontPage 2003

Can't Edit a Document Currently Checked Out

Can't Change Web Site Permissions

Categories Don't “Work” for Me

Other Products Mess Things Up

Problems with Check In and Check Out

Chapter 33: Managing Workflow and Tasks in the Design Process

Tasks Out of Control

Files Published Anyway

Part VIII: Accessing Data with FrontPage 2003

Chapter 34: Types of Data Used with FrontPage: An Overview

ASP.NET Generates 404 Error in IIS 6

Chapter 35: Data Access Technologies

ASP Page Generates Download Prompt

Chapter 36: FrontPage's Data Toolset

The _fpclass Folder Is Not Visible in FrontPage

Files Aren't in the _fpclass Folder

Chapter 37: FrontPage and Databases

DataGrid in ASP.NET Page Doesn't Show

Use an Existing Database Connection Is Disabled

Chapter 38: FrontPage and Web Parts

Cannot Insert Data View

Cannot Connect to SQL Server

Part IX: Integrating FrontPage 2003 with Office 2003

Chapter 39: Working with Microsoft Word

Single File Web Page Option Doesn't Work on the Latest Netscape Version

Web Page Looks Nothing Like Word Document in Web View

Chapter 40: Working with Microsoft Excel and FrontPage

Spreadsheet Is Read-Only

Site Settings Is Disabled

Cannot Insert Database Results

Cannot Insert Office Spreadsheet Web Component

Chapter 41: Working with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Single File Web Page Option Doesn't Work on the Latest Netscape Version

PowerPoint Content Is Damaged

Chapter 42: Working with Microsoft Publisher

Unable to Save to Web Folder

vti_cnf Folder Not Visible

Part X: Creating and Adapting Graphics for the Web

Chapter 43: Color Concepts and Web Design

Choosing Proper Colors

Maintaining a Color Scheme

Chapter 44: Web Graphic Formats

Use of the PNG Format

Putting the Slices Back Together?

Chapter 45: Creating Professional Web Graphics

Categorizing Images

Making Backgrounds Visible

Chapter 46: Using FrontPage's Image Tracing Feature

File Doesn't Show Up

Layout Is Off Just a Bit

Chapter 47: FrontPage and Graphics Tools

Picture Properties Instead of Graphics Application

Changes Not Visible in FrontPage

Images Broken After Saving

Part XI: Appendixes

Appendix A: FrontPage Resources Online

Appendix B: FrontPage and E-Commerce

Appendix C: Windows SharePoint Services 2.0

SQL Server Doesn't Exist or Access Denied

Cannot Add New Announcements

Web Part Menu Not Visible

Appendix D: Making Your Own Web Components

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