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Chapter 15. Opening and Working with Exi... > Working with Windows SharePoint Serv... - Pg. 288

Opening and Working with Existing Web Sites 288 Figure 15.9. A blank Web accesses a remote Web site via FTP. A single file has been synchronized between the two sites for later editing. Note For more about publishing and synchronizing site content with FrontPage 2003, see "Publishing a FrontPage Web Site," p. 299. Once a file is synchronized to a local computer and edited accordingly, the file can then be synchronized back to the remote site. Working with Windows SharePoint Services Windows SharePoint Services is a powerful tool that gives users the ability to organize and access information, manage documents online, and provide online collaboration tools in a simple to use browser-based environment. It is part of the Windows 2003 Server system and is one of the more exciting technologies to come out of Microsoft. It represents the future of Web sites and Web serv- ices and (I predict) will quickly be embraced by the business workforce and information worker. NOTE There are a number of SharePoint related products and services in addition to Windows SharePoint Services. Be careful not to confuse different products in the same family line. You can read about the entire SharePoint product line at http://sharepointfamily.frontpage- Whereas Windows SharePoint Services provides a powerful means to run a next generation Web site completely, independent of any Web development package, the teaming of Windows Share- Point Services with FrontPage 2003 needs to be understood and explained. The traditional Web site model allows for the approach of editing content on a development server and publishing to a live site described previously in this chapter. The dynamic and constantly changing nature of a Windows SharePoint Services Web site simply prevents such an approach. FrontPage 2003 was built with this fact in mind.