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Chapter 8. FrontPage's Navigation Tools ... > Navigational Elements: Building Bars... - Pg. 145

FrontPage's Navigation Tools and Elements Note 145 If your link bars are only showing some, but not all the pages in your site , see " Odd Link Bars " in the " Troubleshooting " section at the end of this chapter. Navigational Elements: Building Bars and Menus This section takes a more specific look at the navigational bars and menus that can be produced through FrontPage. You will see the specifics of building bars and menus based on site navigation and walk through the process of building custom bars and menus. At the end of this section, the process of editing look and feel of your navigational elements (or creating your own) will also be examined. NOTE Automatic navigation elements can only be created if you have assigned your site naviga- tion through the Navigation view, discussed previously in this chapter. Insert the cursor where you would like the navigational element to be created. Select Navigation from the Insert menu. FrontPage will open the Web Component dialog box with the Link Bar option preselected. The next part of this chapter walks you through the process of adding the navigational elements you want.