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Lesson 15. Using Frames on Web Pages > Creating a Frames Page

Creating a Frames Page

Frame pages can be used as the initial home page for a new Web site (providing an easy way to navigate the entire site) or can be added to an existing Web site so that visitors can navigate a particular set of pages in the site. To create a new frames page, follow these steps:

  1. In either the Page or Navigation view, select the File menu, point at New and then select Page or Web. The New Page or Web task pane will open.

  2. Select the Page Templates link in the task pane. The Page Templates dialog box will open. Click the Frame Pages tab on the dialog box (see Figure 15.1).

    Figure 15.1. The Frame Pages tab provides a list of FrontPage frames page templates.

  3. A number of different frame pages templates are available on the Frames Pages tab. Click on a particular frame page type to view the number of frames that the template provides.

  4. When you locate the frames page you wish to use, select the template icon and then click OK. The new frames page will appear in the FrontPage window. The blank frames page will contain a set of buttons in each frame that is used to link a particular web page to the frame (see Figure 15.2).

    Figure 15.2. Buttons are provided in each frame to create the link between the frame and a new or existing Web page.

  5. You must link the frame to a new or existing Web page: To link a frame to a new blank Web page, click the New page button in the frame. A new blank Web page will appear within the frame.

    To link an existing page to the frame, click the Set Initial Page button. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box will appear (see Figure 15.3).

    Figure 15.3. Select the page that will be linked to the frame.

  6. (optional, depending on step 4) Select the page that you wish to link to the frame in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

  7. (optional, depending on step 4) Click OK to close the dia- log box.



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