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Creating a New Web

The various Web Wizards that you can use to walk you through web creation determine the level of sophistication of your new web. Although the wizards act in similar ways, the more complex the site, the more questions you have to answer and the more steps you have to complete before the site is created. For example, the Personal Web Wizard provides a fast and easy avenue to a simple Web site for your own use, whereas the Corporate Web Wizard helps you create a complex web that contains a great deal of information (that you provide) about the company that the site is for.


Close the Open Blank Page Before Creating a New Web When you start FrontPage, it automatically opens a new blank web page for you and displays it in the Page view (discussed later in this lesson). When you create your new web using a wizard, this page does not become part of the actual web, but it still takes the theme and attributes of the web you create. You might want to close this blank page (click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the page) before you build your site. This can prevent confusion caused by a page that appears in the Page view but is not really part of the web you have created.

To create a site using one of the wizards, follow these steps:

  1. With the FrontPage application running on the Windows desktop, select the File menu and point at New. This opens the New page or Web task pane. Select Web Site Templates from the New from Templates section. The Web Site Templates dialog box opens showing the Web Site Wizards (see Figure 3.1).

    Figure 3.1. The Web Site Templates dialog box is where you select the wizard you want to use to build your new web.

  2. Select one of the wizard icons in the dialog box, such as Corporate Presence Wizard.

  3. In the Specify the Location of the New Web text box in the Options section, specify a name and location for the new web. The default main folder for FrontPage webs is My Webs; however, you can use the Browse button to select a new location.

  4. Click OK to begin the web creation process.

  5. Depending on the wizard you selected, your next action begins either with editing and enhancing the Web pages that the wizard creates or answering some questions that the wizard poses before it creates the pages. For example, in the case of the Corporate Presence Web (and other business-related webs such as the Customer Support site), a wizard screen appears, describing the purpose of the wizard. Click Next to continue.

  6. Answer the questions on each wizard screen and click Next to continue. Figure 3.2 shows a screen from the Corporate Presence Web Wizard in which it asks you to determine the topic areas that should appear on the new web's home page.

    Figure 3.2. The wizard screens let you determine the pages in the web as well as topic areas and items found on individual pages.

  7. Depending on the wizard that you chose to create your new web, you might be asked to select a theme for your new site. FrontPage themes provide design elements and color schemes that can really help you create eye-catching webs. Themes are discussed in Lesson 11, "Using FrontPage Themes." After you have completed all the wizard's questions, the final wizard screen provides a Finish button. Click Finish to end the web creation process.

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