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Lesson 3. Creating a New Web Site > Using the Web Site Wizards

Using the Web Site Wizards

FrontPage provides several wizards you can use to create your own Web site (in FrontPage, a Web site is called a web). These wizards can create different kinds of sites, ranging from the personal to the professional, or they can help you add certain types of functions to your current Web site (such as a discussion page or a page for project management).

Table 3.1 lists the Web Wizards that are available and the type of web they help you create.

Table 3.1. Selecting a Web Wizard for Your New Web Site
Web Wizard Site Created
One Page Web A web consisting of a single blank page (the home page).
Corporate Presence A multipage web with pages for products and services and links for e-mail messages to the company.
Customer Support A web that provides a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, a suggestion page, a download page, and a search page to help support customers using the site.
Discussion Web A web consisting of a discussion page that allows visitors to your site to post and read discussion messages.
Database Interface A web that connects to a database and allows you to view and update records.
Empty Web A web consisting of no pages.
Import Web A web based on imported files from a Web site created in another program or directly from the World Wide Web.
Personal Web A multipage web consisting of interests, photos, and links pages.
Project Web A multipage web used to manage a particular project. A schedule page, a discussion page, and other project man age ment pages are created. This type of site would typically be used on an intranet (a corporation's private web).

When you work with the various wizards, you will find that they provide you with blank pages, partially completed pages, or pages containing text, links, and picture placeholders. In all cases, you must add and edit material in the site to complete your web before you can publish it to the World Wide Web where Web users can access it.

Remember that when you provide a name for the web you are going to create using the wizard, you are actually creating a folder on your computer where the web will reside. Webs do not consist of a single file like an Excel worksheet or Word document does. Webs consist of several page files, picture files, and other elements. When you specify the name for the web, you are making a place for FrontPage to store all the files that make your web look the way it does. A complex web can contain many files, so be sure you have plenty of space on the drive that you use to store the web.

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