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353 Chapter 19. Publishing a Web to a Server Without FrontPage Extensions by Neil Randall In this chapter Why Use FrontPage's Publish Web Dialog Box? The Basics of Web Publishing The Publish Web Dialog Box Troubleshooting Design Corner: Using an Independent FTP Server Why Use FrontPage's Publish Web Dialog Box? One of FrontPage's most attractive features has always been its capability to let you create and develop your webs directly on the hosting server (the computer that stores the files and makes them available to Web users). But for any number of reasons, you might want to develop a web away from the hosting server, uploading to that server only when you have completed it, in whole or in part. To accommodate this need, Microsoft has included a Publish Web dialog box in FrontPage, and this chapter examines how it works. The most common reason for not creating and editing webs directly on the hosting server is the server's lack of FrontPage Server Extensions. Unless the server extensions are installed on the hosting server, you can't use FrontPage's highly convenient live server access feature (the default), where you simply view a page in FrontPage's main window and click the Save button (or File, Save) to save the file to the server. Instead, you must develop the web off the server, on a staging server --a server that can't be accessed publicly on the Web. After you complete this web (or whatever part of it you want), you must then transfer it to the hosting server via one of two Internet protocols: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). But other reasons abound as well for developing your webs off the hosting server. For instance, you might not want to risk anyone seeing the site before it's ready, not even hackers (who might be able to work around the permissions you've set). Or you might do your FrontPage design work on a machine without an Internet connection--on the plane, for example. Or you might not have set up an account with a Web hosting service yet. In FrontPage, publishing a web from a staging server to a hosting server via HTTP or FTP is accomplished through the Publish Web dialog box. You can access this dialog box by selecting File, Publish Web.