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Chapter 24. Using Java Applets, Browser ... > Adding an ActiveX Control in FrontPa...

Adding an ActiveX Control in FrontPage

Microsoft provides a set of useful ActiveX controls with FrontPage. To experiment with them, start by selecting Insert, Web Component, Advanced, ActiveX Control. Click Next and the Insert Web Component dialog box appears (see Figure 24.8). Then do the following:

Select the control you want and click Finish. An ActiveX icon (with some controls, it's appears as an image of the control) appears on the page.

Double-click the icon to open the ActiveX Control Properties dialog box. This will vary according to the control, but it will always have at least two tabs: the Object Tag tab and the Parameters tab (see Figure 24.9).

Figure 24.8. The Insert ActiveX Control dialog box enables you to select from the controls available on your host system.

Figure 24.9. You configure an ActiveX control's general appearance with the Object Tag tab.

You use the Object Tag tab to set the attributes of the control's <OBJECT> tag. To begin, type a name for the component in the Name box. This label makes figuring out what each control is doing easier when you look at the HTML code later.

Specify the control's alignment, spacing (to separate the control from surrounding page elements), height, and width in the appropriate text boxes.

In the HTML box, type the code for an alternative representation of the control, for browsers not supporting ActiveX. For instance, <img src="inkwell.jpg" width="116" height="103"> in this box produces a JPEG image in Netscape in place of the control.

Use the Code Source text box to specify the URL from which the ActiveX control can be downloaded. This is actually an alternative method of specifying the CODEBASE parameter for the control. (See The <OBJECT> Tag section earlier in this chapter for more on CODEBASE.)

Click the Parameters tab to go to that sheet. Here you'll see the control's parameters and the default values for them (see Figure 24.10).

Figure 24.10. The Parameters tab gives you the opportunity to add, modify, and remove parameters.

To modify a parameter's values, click Modify to open the Edit Object Parameter dialog box. Here you can change the values assigned to that parameter. Clicking Add opens the same dialog box but enables you to create a new parameter. Clicking Remove deletes the parameter.

Click OK. The dialog box closes and the component attributes and parameters have been updated. To see the control, you might have to go to Preview mode.



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