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Chapter 8. Using Components, Shared Bord... > Using the Web Search Component - Pg. 156

Using Components, Shared Borders, and Link Bars 6. 7. 156 To rearrange the display order, select the image you want to move and click the Move Up or Move Down button. Click the Remove button to delete a selected image from the display. Click OK when you're finished. Assuming you are in Normal editing mode, the first image of the image list appears on the page. If you click it, sizing handles appear at the boundaries of the banner area. In Preview, a gray placeholder will appear around the image to show where the banner is. When you preview the banner in a browser, you'll see the images appear and vanish according to the specified effects and duration. The banner works in IE 4 and later and in Netscape 4 and later. Caution The Banner Ad Manager will not work unless its images are stored in the current web. Consequently, if you reference an image for the Ad Manager and that image is not in the current web, you will get the Save Embedded Files dialog box when you save the page. You must then save the image file to a folder in the current web; if you use the Set Action button to force the image reference to remain external, the Ad Manager won't work properly. Using the Web Search Component When you insert a Web Search component, a simple form appears on the page. This form allows a reader to search all pages in the current web for a string of words. For this component to work, the server hosting the page must have the FrontPage Server Extensions installed. For more information on server extensions, see FrontPage 2002 and Microsoft's Internet Infor- mation Server To insert the component, select Insert, Web Component, Web Search. In the right list box, you have