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Chapter 15. Configuring a Web > Setting Options for the Web

Setting Options for the Web

Several options are available for each web through the Options dialog box, accessible through the Tools menu. Click whichever of these you want to activate or deactivate.

  • Startup Task Pane— This option opens the task pane when FrontPage 2002 launches.

  • Open Last Web Automatically When FrontPage Starts— This option activates whenever you load FrontPage. Instead of beginning with no webs loaded (the default), FrontPage loads the last web that you worked on. Obviously, this is useful if you're working with one web over a period of time.

  • Check If Office Is the Default Editor for Pages Created in Office— When you create a Web page in an Office application, you'll want to edit it in the same application to make use of that application's particular features. This option tells FrontPage to check that the Office application will load when you double-click an Office document in FrontPage.

  • Check If FrontPage Is the Default Editor for Pages— When you double-click a document in FrontPage, you normally want to display that page in Page view. This option sets Page view as the default editor for Web pages. It also specifies that FrontPage is to be the default editor when you double-click any web document from the desktop or a Windows file viewer. This option is turned off automatically if you toggle the Office default option.

  • Show Status Bar— The status bar runs along the bottom of the FrontPage screen, offering various information. This option lets you hide it or redisplay it.

  • Warn When Included Components Are Out-of-Date— When creating pages, you can specify a date for certain FrontPage components. This option displays a message telling you that the date for that component has passed.

  • Warn When Text Index Is Out-of-Date— FrontPage automatically creates a text index for your web, enabling you to keep track of text references inside your documents. If you change something in the web that makes this index incorrect, FrontPage warns you. For instance, if a navigation button refers to a specific page and you delete that page or rename the file, the index will be out-of-date and FrontPage will warn you. It will also ask if you want to recalculate the text index at the same time.

  • Warn Before Applying Themes to All Pages in a Web— You can apply a theme to an entire web or simply to the currently loaded page. You can set FrontPage to warn you when you tell it to do the former, to prevent you from making sweeping changes to the web's appearance accidentally.



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