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Chapter 15. Working with an Existing Web > Working with Individual Pages

Working with Individual Pages

Once you reach a page you want to work with in Folders view, you can work with it by clicking it. At this point, you have several choices. Double-clicking opens that page in the Page view, where you can edit and save it directly back to the web. Right-clicking the icon reveals a pop-up menu with the following options:

  • Move to Center (Hyperlinks view only)—Centers the selected document in the graphical representation in the Hyperlinks pane.

  • Check Out or Check In (Folders, Reports, Hyperlinks views)—If you have the check-in/check-out feature enabled through the Web Preferences dialog box, one of these commands will be on the right-click menu. Check Out lets you open the file in Page view and prevent any other user with authoring permissions open on the same page. Check In returns the page to the state of being editable by users with authoring permissions. The Check In option appears only when the file is checked out.

  • Open (all views except Tasks)—Loads the page either into the Page view or into an editor you have specified for that file. (See Chapter 17, "Configuring Webs," for details on how to configure FrontPage to work with a different editor.)

  • Open With (all views except Tasks)—Loads the page into an editor you select from the resulting Open With dialog box (again, see Chapter 17).

  • Cut (Folders, Reports, Navigation views)—Removes the page or folder from the display and places it in the Clipboard, making it available for pasting elsewhere. Simultaneously erases links to other pages and restores them when you paste. Use Cut to move files or folders.

  • Copy (Folders, Reports, Navigation views)—Copies the page or folder to the Clipboard and makes it available for pasting to other locations.

  • Rename (Folders, Reports, Navigation views)—Lets you change the name of the file or folder and simultaneously changes names in links to that item.

  • Delete (all views except Tasks)—Permanently erases the page from the web and simultaneously erases links to other pages.

  • Add Task (all views called New Task in Tasks view)—Opens the Add Task dialog box for that specific file. (See Chapter 18, "Managing a Web," for a full discussion on FrontPage tasks.)

  • Properties (all views except Tasks)—Opens the Properties dialog box. (See the FrontPage Menus section later in this chapter for more details.)



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