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Part VII: Web Servers and Web Hosting > FrontPage 2000 and Microsoft's Internet...

Chapter 38. FrontPage 2000 and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS)

by Mark Fitzpatrick

In this chapter

IIS 3 and PWS 3


Installing IIS 4 and the Windows NT 4 Option Pack

Administrating IIS 4

Special FrontPage 2000 Features with IIS 4

Troubleshooting and Common Problems

Troubleshooting IIS 4 and the FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions

Designers Corner

Internet Information Server (IIS) 4 is Microsoft's latest entry into the commercial Web server market. Even though Microsoft entered the Internet era a little later than most companies, no time has been wasted making Internet-enabled products that are second to none. IIS 4 is without a doubt the fastest Web server for the Windows NT Server market and is one of the most feature-rich Web servers available. If you're interested in comparing IIS 4 to other Web servers, such as Netscape Enterprise or Apache, Microsoft has published a comparison datasheet at http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/web/exec/compcompare/NSEnterprise.asp. This comparison was originally written at the time of IIS 4's release and may not reflect the current capabilities of the new versions of Netscape Enterprise or Apache. IIS is now the second most used Web server available according to Netcraft (http://www.netcraft.com) reports on the current numbers and types of Web servers being deployed. Although Apache dominates the web server market with an install base of over 53% of the web servers worldwide (according to the January 1999 Netcraft survey), IIS has gained a respectable 23% of the market.

This chapter's goal is to show how FrontPage 2000 integrates with IIS 4. This chapter also helps provide some basic information on IIS 4 features, installing the Windows NT Option Pack, configuring the FrontPage 2000 server extensions, special issues encountered when using FrontPage 2000 with IIS 4, and troubleshooting common problems. In order to get a better understanding of IIS 4 and its features, first look at the evolution of the IIS 4 product line and that of its cousin, the personal Web server (PWS).



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