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Part VII: Web Servers and Web Hosting > Introduction to Web Hosting and Web Ser...

Chapter 35. Introduction to Web Hosting and Web Servers

by Neil Randall

In this chapter

How a Web Gets Served

Server Administration and Server Extensions

FrontPage Server Administrator

Using FrontPage Without Server Extensions

FrontPage TCP/IP Test


Designers Corner

No matter how well designed and full featured your web might be, it is of no use whatsoever if nobody can see it. You have to place your web on a server in order to make it a part of the World Wide Web or of your organization's intranet. A server is a computer that contains web server software and (ideally) a full-time, high-speed connection to the Internet. This computer can be on a machine running any flavor of Microsoft Windows (3.x, 95, 98, NT 3.5, 4.0, or the upcoming Win2000), an Apple Macintosh, a UNIX workstation such as a Sun or Hewlett-Packard (and many others), a PC running Linux, FreeBSD, or OS/2, or any other computer for which Web server software is available.

The standalone version of FrontPage 2000 does not ship with Web server software. By contrast, if you've acquired FrontPage 2000 as part of the Microsoft Office 2000 suite, the Microsoft Personal Web Server (for Windows 95/98 only) is included as part of the package. If you want the Microsoft PWS—and it's an excellent server, especially for testing purposes—you can download it from the Microsoft Web site. Be aware, however, that the download is huge (about 24MB). Chapter 37, "FrontPage 2000 and the Microsoft Personal Web Server," covers the Microsoft PWS in detail.

Other servers covered in Part VII, "Web Servers and Web Hosting," of this book include Microsoft's Internet Information Server (Chapter 38, "FrontPage 2000 and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS)") and Netscape's line of servers. Any server must be running the FrontPage server extensions (page 301) in order for it to work with all of FrontPage's features, including Microsoft's servers.

This chapter offers an introduction to the workings of Web servers, as well as to the FrontPage Server Administrator software.



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