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Chapter 2. The FrontPage Environment > Deleting a Web - Pg. 13

The FrontPage Environment 13 Understanding FrontPage's Workspace Layout The FrontPage 2000 workspace has three major sections in it at default: the Views bar, the Folder List, and the right window where the various FrontPage views appear. You can see all these in Figure 2.2. If you find the workspace cramped, you can turn off the Views bar and the Folder List. Choose View, Views Bar to toggle the Views bar off. To hide the folder list, choose Views, Folder List. Hiding both makes the Views area fill the FrontPage window, thus giving you maximum real estate in which to work. Tip A fast way to hide the Views bar is to right-click within it and click Hide Views Bar from the shortcut menu. A fast way to hide the folder list is to click the Folder List button, which is on the standard toolbar immediately left of the Print button; use the ToolTips to identify it if need be. Using FrontPage 2000's Views FrontPage provides several views, one of which is Page view, the page editing environment. You can select it by clicking the page icon on the Views bar. There are other available views: · Folders view, which is much like Windows Explorer; it gives full details about each folder, page, and file of the currently open web. · Reports view, which shows the status of various components of the current web. · Navigation view, which provides a point-and-drag method of arranging a navigational struc- ture for the current web. · Hyperlinks view, which is a schematic not only of all the links within the current web, but also of the links to resources outside it. · Tasks view, which helps you keep track of complete and incomplete tasks associated with con- structing the current web. These various views are examined in detail in Chapter 15, "Working with an Existing Web." You can leave the workspace set at Page view during this chapter. Deleting a Web You'll notice that there is no Delete Web menu entry. The Delete entry on the Edit menu is good only for deleting pages. That's a safety feature; it prevents you from accidentally deleting a web you've spent a lot of effort on. Deleting a web is a permanent action; there is no Undo for it. However, sometimes a web must be deleted. To do so, first open it. Right-click the topmost web folder and choose Delete. This opens a dialog box where you choose to either delete the entire web or remove its FrontPage 2000 attributes. Essentially, the latter means that the web is converted into a set of ordinary files and folders. Assuming you want to delete the web fully, choose Delete This Web Entirely and then choose OK. The web will be removed. Incidentally, don't remove a web simply by deleting its files and folders in Windows Explorer. If you do this, FrontPage isn't aware of the deletion and can't properly maintain its web records.