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Part IX: Integrating FrontPage 2000 and ... > FrontPage 2000 and Office 2000

Chapter 42. FrontPage 2000 and Office 2000

by Paul Colligan

In this chapter

Changes in Office 2000

FrontPage 2000—An Office Program

Word 2000's Web Tools

Excel 2000's Web Tools

PowerPoint 2000's Web Tools

Access 2000's Web Tools

Should You Upgrade to Office 2000?


Designers Corner

Office 2000 is Microsoft's third attempt to integrate its office applications with the Internet. In this round it makes Internet protocols and file formats native to all of its programs.

Office 95 offered additional Internet assistants (by download) that help translate office content into HTML. They were simple at best and seldom provided attractive results, but they helped start an important trend—making Office content available by Web browser. Office 97 went a step further and offered a number of features built into each of the programs that enabled the user to save content as HTML files.

The Internet is integrated with every aspect of every program in the Office 2000 suite, including the introduction of Web folders (page 907) as a viable file storage option. It also introduces the use of HTML as a possible native file format.

The Web is so integrated into Office 2000 that FrontPage is now offered as part of the Premium Version of Office 2000. FrontPage was previously only made available as a standalone program.

Office 2000 can be very effective for anyone creating Web sites with FrontPage 2000 because it provides a number of tools for content creation and editing. Where FrontPage is a great tool for creating static HTML pages, the Office suite provides the tools for creating Web-based spreadsheets, databases, and presentations. Because FrontPage is part of the Office suite, integration between the program is much easier than it was before.



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