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Appendixes > Third-Party Solutions

Third-Party Solutions

If Microsoft were the only company offering FrontPage add-ons, this appendix wouldn't have much point in existing. Third-party offerings are springing up regularly, and Table A.1 takes a brief look at some of them:

Table A.1. Third-Party Web Sites
Product Name and PublisherCategoryFree or PurchaseDescription
First Themes Factory Auscomp http://www.auscomp.com/ac_frames_ms.htmlThemesPurchase; free sampleThemes in categories such as sports, entertainment, and the world
EB Themeshop http://www.ebthemeshop.com/msindex.htmThemesPurchase (subscription available) some free samplesIndividual themes, theme packages, full year subscription
Theme Mart http://www.thememart.com/default.asp?Ref=MFPThemesPurchaseLarge quantity of themes across a variety of categories
Theme Pak http://www.themepak.com/index.asp?Ref=MFPThemesPurchaseLarge quantity of themes across a variety of categories
FrontLook Themes and Applet Package http://www.dpasoftware.com/fpoffer.htmThemes, applets, clip artPurchase; free sampleApplication package for themes, Java applets, and clip art; includes wide range of samples
El Scripto JavaScript Components http://www.elscripto.com/info/fpuser.htmScriptsPurchaseOver a dozen JavaScript into FrontPage menu bar
J-Bots Components http://www.websunlimited.com/jbotspromo2.htmComponentsPurchase; free sampleSeveral components for FrontPage, including image menus, image preloader, play music; plugs into FrontPage menu bar
RealMedia Plug-In http://www.real.com/products/tools/frontpage/Streaming contentPurchaseLets you provide links to RealAudio and RealVideo files; requires RealPublisher to create .ram files
SPG Web Tools http://www.spg-net.com/frontpageusers.htmlGraphicsPurchaseSeveral plug-in tools for Image Composer
L&H Audio CafeLite http://www.lhs.com/speechtech/audiocafe/Streaming contentPurchase, free version availableTool for compressing and streaming audio files in your site
Storefront E-Commerce for FrontPageE-commercePurchasePackage for creating a storefront for your site
JustAddCommerce http://www.richmediatech.com/index.htmlE-commercePurchaseLets you add a secure shopping cart to your site
Mercantec StoreBuilder http://www.mercantec.com/frontpage/E-commercePurchaseProvides a built-in e-commerce design, or you can design your own
SalesCart Virtual Shopping Cart http://www.salescart.com/3rdparty.htmE-commercePurchaseLets you put a secure shopping cart on your site
ShopSite Express http://frontpage.shopsite.com/E-commercePurchaseLets you design and implement storefront sites
3D Impact http://www.crystalgraphics.com/frontpage.download.htmlGraphicsFree, but commercial version availableProduces 3D graphics; not specifically a FrontPage add-on
3D Space Publisher http://www.tgs.com/specials/fp98/fp98.htmlGraphicsPurchaseProduces 3D animations and Java, image editor
NetStudio http://www.netstudio.com/GraphicsPurchaseCompetitor to Image Composer, simplifies creation of Web graphics
Photos to Go http://www.photostogo.com/premium/frontpage_promo.htmGraphicsPurchase, free samplesPhotographs for (legal) use on your site
WebSpice http://www.webspice.com/sampler/fp98/webspice.htmlGraphicsPurchase, free samplesExtensive collection of Web graphics



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