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Chapter 47. Cross-Application Programming > Troubleshooting - Pg. 903

Cross-Application Programming 903 Another cool idea is a macro that finds old files. (The user defines what constitutes an "old" file.) The macro could then send mail to the owner of that file informing them that their page has expired. The possibilities available when using the FrontPage OM with other application's object models are truly limitless. Almost every Microsoft application, as well as many other companies' applications, exposes some sort of object model or programmable interface. Anything your heart desires can be added to extend Microsoft FrontPage when you use these interfaces in conjunction with the Front- Page. Where to Go from Here Depending on what type of feature or effect you are trying to create, you will have to choose the application that best suits your needs. The applications that are part of the Office suite--Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet), Microsoft Access (database), Microsoft Word (word processor), Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation package), and Microsoft Outlook (email and scheduling client)--provide a myriad of features that can be added to your code. For more information of these applications' object models, take a look at the online VBA help for the applications. In addition, the Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit will provide loads of useful information and examples. Troubleshooting One of the biggest problems that can occur is simply using the wrong method to do something. The innerHTML method is often confused with the innerTEXT method. If you accidentally used the innerText method to write HTML code, the HTML code would be converted by the innerText method so it could be displayed in the web page. When you see your HTML code being displayed