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Chapter 10. Creating Pages with FrontPag... > Understanding Templates Folders - Pg. 202

Creating Pages with FrontPage Templates 202 Figure 10.6. You can save a page layout and design as a custom template. Note Because a template is merely an HTML file, any page can be a template. That means you can open any page from the Web, save it, and use it as such. Assuming a default installation, the custom template will be saved in the C:\Windows\Applica- tion Data\Microsoft\FrontPage\Pages folder, within a subfolder bearing the name you assigned to the template. This name has a TEM extension. From now on, the custom template's name appears in the list box whenever you choose FrontPage's File, New command. If you want to remove the template both from the system and from the New Page list box, use Windows Explorer to go to the Pages folder and delete the folder bearing that name. Using the templates described in this chapter, you can also create hybrid templates. Open the