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Chapter 10. Creating Pages with FrontPag... > Layouts with Single or Multiple Text...

Layouts with Single or Multiple Text Columns with Menus or Sidebars

This group consists of the following:

  • Narrow, right-aligned body—This template has no title area; it simply presents three columns of varying widths. The left is the sidebar area, the middle is for text, and the right is whitespace.

  • Narrow, left-aligned body—This merely reverses the layout just described and adjusts the column widths by dragging the cell boundaries.

  • One-column body with contents on left—There is a title area at the top. The leftmost column in the main informational area is essentially a navigation section, suitable (for example) for a site map. The middle column is extremely narrow and serves as a spacer. The right column is for text, and anything else you want to put there, as the template graphic suggests.

  • One-column body with contents on right—Essentially a mirror image of the previous layout, but this has four main columns. The leftmost column serves to provide a margin of whitespace, the next is the main information column, the third is a spacer, and the fourth and rightmost column is the navigation section.

  • Two-column body with contents on left—This layout has five columns. The left-most column is the navigation section, followed by a spacer column and two main information columns again separated by a spacer column.

  • One-column body with contents and sidebar—Another five-column table, this one reserves the leftmost column for the navigation section, puts the text into the wide center column, and reserves the rightmost column for a sidebar (populated by graphics in the template). There are narrow spacer columns between the three main columns.

  • One-column body with two-column sidebar—This is five columns, but takes a different organizational approach. The main text area (leftmost) is under a title area. A spacer column follows, then a column populated by (suggested) graphical hyperlinks. Then there's another spacer and a column for a text sidebar.

  • Two-column body with contents and sidebar—This actually sets up four columns but reserves the center two for the main text area and gives the outside columns over to other purposes. In the basic template, the leftmost column could be a menu area with hyperlinks to other sections of the page, while the rightmost functioned as a text or image sidebar.



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